Gaggenau Design

Workshop 2007


Tools for cooking


We are pleased to be able to present, for the second time since 2002, the results of a design workshop, to which this time we invited two renowned colleges, Eindhoven and, again, Stuttgart. Let yourself be surprised and delighted by the abundance of inspiring, provocative, fresh designs.


Klaus Rovara Marketing Gaggenau




Cooktop Sink & Rise


Gas cooking elements in a random arrangement on a kitchen table in stainless steel. A completely flat surface. Pressing the knobs causes the cover to drop and the cooking elements to become active.








The five members of the jury - Markus Frenzl of 4gzl/designkontext; André Hellwig of “Der etwas André Koch”; Britta Pukall of milani d&c AG; Hermann-Reinhard Segers, Head of Design at Gaggenau; Dietmar Turocha, Brand Manager at BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH – met on the afternoon of 12 July following the presentations to give awards, sponsored by Gaggenau to the amount of 1200 euro each, to the following winners:


Thomas van Rongen, Eindhoven,

Cooktop Sink & Rise

Caroline Perret & Benjamin Rempler, Stuttgart, Hibachi Pro

Michou van Gennip, Eindhoven,


Andreas Diefenbach, Stuttgart,



Friederike Daumiller & Peter Jud, Stuttgart, Fireplace